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8                            THE FATE OF MAN

happening is something even deeper. We are
witnessing a judgment upon not one epoch in
history, but upon history itself. And in this
sense we live in an apocalyptic time; in this
sense only, and not in the sense of the swift
arrival of the end of the world. There is such a
thing as the internal apocalypse of history. The
apocalypse is not merely a revelation of the end
of the world : it is also a revelation of the inner
events of history, of the internal judgment upon
history itself. And this is what is happening

Man's existence in this world is an historical
existence* Existence is history. Besides this,
history is the tragic conflict between the personal
and the super-personal or the pre-personal.
History never solves the conflict between person-
ality and society, between personality and culture,
personality and the mass; the conflict between
quality and quantity. Personality is active in
history, within history the individual is revealed,
but history is merciless in its attitude toward
personality and oppresses the individual. There
is a meaning of history, and the recognition of
this meaning belongs to Christianity.

At the same time, history is really the failure of
jpgtan and of culture, the collapse of aJl huma&
plans. The things man has planned do not
). pass, and the true significance of what